Our Services

Design and Build/Installation

Valley Fire Protection provides complete “in-house” engineering, installation and project management in order to deliver a single point of responsibility for quality, cost and schedule adherence on fixed-price contracts. The key characteristic of our design-and-build build approach is the seamless working relationship among our professionals. Creative, focused teamwork enables us to meet the varied demands of our clients and provide the most efficient and cost effective engineering, materials and project execution.  Our financial resources and organizational stability further allow us to be intently focused on “doing it right to stand the test of time.”

Fire Sprinkler Systems

Valley installs fire protection and suppression systems in all types of construction from residential to high-rise office buildings to industrial manufacturing facilities. We follow a logical systems-design approach to cover all aspects of sprinkler design, installation, system upgrades and retrofits. Our proven processes allow us to take on complex and challenging work of the sort that our competitors shy away from.

Siemens Sinorix™
As a result of our long term, mutually beneficial relationship, Siemens – one of the largest electronic and engineering companies in the world – asked Valley Fire to be just one of two Chicagoland distributors for its Sinorix™ Intelligent Fire Suppression Systems in 2009. Sinorix, Siemens’ brand name for a product manufactured by DuPont called FM200, is a clean agent (gas) fire suppression system designed to minimize harm to the environment and be non-toxic to humans.

Sinorix™ will not damage delicate equipment, which is vital for facilities that cannot afford a fire-related interruption or the loss of data that can result from the activation of a water-based fire sprinkler system. Target uses include electronic and data processing centers, art and historical collections (museums), recording/storage facilities and pharmaceutical/medical facilities.

Maintenance and Repair

Valley Fire Protection Systems specializes in the maintenance of fire protection systems to ensure optimal system performance. Our fleet of fully stocked repair trucks is available at all hours, every day — including weekends and holidays. Our skilled professionals are accustomed to working with the utmost of care in a wide range of environments, from offices to retail space to restaurants.

Coverage includes:

  • Sprinklers
  • Standpipe and hose systems
  • Private fire service mains/underground repair
  • Fire pumps
  • Valves and fire hydrants

IMG_1039Special Hazards

Valley also has the capability to provide complete turnkey design build fire protection systems for refinery, petrochemical, data center, power generation, and other special hazard applications.

Our professional engineers, project managers, and installers have worked on many different types of these systems including coal fired power plants, oil refineries, fuel storage facilities including tank farms, chemical production plants, aircraft hangars (jumbo jet), fertilizer and dynamite manufacturers, etc.

Plumbing Services

The Valley Fire Protection Services Plumbing Division offers the latest in plumbing innovation with the skills, materials, quality and professionalism to bring best-in-class service throughout the greater Chicagoland area. We are the only fire protection company that is licensed to perform plumbing work in Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana and Chicago. Chicago licenses are notoriously challenging to obtain, and we consider this a significant competitive advantage.

Illinois EPA regulations require that every building’s backflow prevention assembly be inspected and certified annually. Our licensed cross-connection control device inspectors perform this service and provide the proper certificate to governmental agencies and insurance carriers. Many municipalities are emphasizing the need to protect the integrity of the local water supply through backflow prevention devices, making the test and repair of these devices in both commercial and residential settings a significant source of business.

Valley Fire Protection Services Plumbing Division’s services include:

  • 24-hour emergency service
  • Commercial and residential plumbing
  • Plumbing/pipe repairs
  • Sewer and drain rodding
  • Water heaters
  • Copper piping retrofit
  • Underground water and sewer repairs
  • Fixture installation
  • Gas pipe and compressed air piping work
  • Backflow retrofit/repair/construction